MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE – What?Wednesday – The Cyber Edition

Yeah that’s right – MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE.

I am looking for people who will make an extra special effort to be super-sexy-beings tonight. No snoring, no PlayStation, no headaches – just L-O-V-E…Not with me you understand, with the one you love or at the least rather fancy.

I have sent out a series of emails inviting people to invite people to MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE – if you have received ‘the word’ in your inbox and pledge to MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE then link up here or leave a comment stating your amorous intent…

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People who have muttered words of amorous intent on Twitter:

LOL! Will try to be more amorous and less tired this evening.

@jennyovengloves Cheetah Keeper’s mum
make love not snore? maybe you need one of these guitars? check the strapline!

@TiredmummyofTwo Tired-mummy
what are you sproating about now? MAKELOVE NOT SNORE?

ChattyBabyTweet Chatty Baby
Make Love Not Snore! Sound advice from @MammasaurusBlogtoday…

@The_Last_Slayer Rhiannon
have told hubby we’re spending the evening with phones, laptops and tv OFF #makelovenotsnore

@ChattyBabyTweet Chatty Baby
@MammasaurusBlog Sadly way past my bedtime, and Mummy’s Making Love Not Snore tonight :)

@TiredmummyofTwo Tired-mummy
@MammasaurusBlog surely at that time we should be MAKING LOVE NOT SNORE #oolala

@TiredmummyofTwo Tired-mummy
@MammasaurusBlog oh no that means you will be too tired to MAKE LOVE NOT SNORE

@NotSoSlummy Now don’t get too excited. @MammasaurusBlog is encouraging us to Make Love Not Snore. Orgy at 10pm on Twitter. Woop.


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  1. actuallymummy says

    Oh alright then – I will let my husband sleep in the same bed as me tonight. He’s been in the spare room for yonks! Is that amorous enough for you? Must leave energy for all this flippin blogging!

    • says

      I’m going to be dropping NoBloPoMo after the weekend – I want to get a fancy video editing programme and have a tinker and I can’t when I am tied to the bloody lap top all day long!

      Besides Papasaurus is getting restless and isn’t impressed on having to go the bed on his own most nights!

  2. says

    Mr flossing has at least 15 programmes to watch every evening thanks to the sky box. Most lovemaking positions are impossible because they either a) block Mr Flossing’s view of the screen or b) interfere with the signal between zapper and sky box. Possibly there would be more lovemaking positions available to us if I requested breast reduction surgery on the NHS (thus improving sight lines between Mr Flossing and the screen). (I have already been told that my mildreds are “unmanageable”, but I don’t know whether this was a hint or just an observation?)

    But thanks for trying x


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