Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

This week I’m posting my story of living with mental illness. I’ve chosen the title ‘Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land’ as that was how people have described me for many years.

Ruby Wax has had a baby, the little fella is called  Black Dog Tribe.  One in four people suffer from mental illness. This means chances are you’ve had some degree of mental illness in your life.

Living with mental illness is hard as is speaking openly about it. What will people think of you? Will they see you differently? After all there’s a stigma attached to it. A ‘behind closed doors’ vibe. It’s time for a change. Be brave, speak out, join others and help change the stigma – mental illness is not something to be ashamed of.

Four years ago I was told that I have a borderline personality disorder. I was given no information on it or follow up help. I haven’t been able to bring myself to Google it so I carry on blissfully unaware.

Over the next four days I will be briefly telling the story of my life with a mental illness. I’ll be touching on how I left home at 16 years old to move in with a 45 year old man, how I have never been able to hold down a job, attempted suicide, post natal depression, how I came to abandon six of my eight children and how I dropped a Court Case against my second husband over allegations of rape after I was told that my mental health would have to be openly discussed in Court and how I cope very well now. To summarise it’s going to be tough reading, I’ll do my best to sprinkle some comical wocka wocka in amongst it in places but I’m not making any promises…

BritMums are holding a Q&A with Ruby and word on the street is that Ruby is ” pretty much up for anything”question wise, be it about Black Dog Tribe, depression or simply to ask where she gets her fabulous lipstick from. If you’d like to head over to the discussion page on BritMums and offer up a question that you’d like answered then you have until Wednesday!

If you’d like to show some support for Black Dog Tribe then you can follow them on Twitter and send them a tweet of support, like them on Facebook or go one step further and add this ‘badge’ to your blog.

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And now I’m off to swig gin and quite literally deck the halls with bows of holly… I’m almost feeling festive but not quite fully there yet – Ho Ho No!


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      If you do write something make sure you are prepared for a bit of an emotional rush my dear – and make sure you let me know and I’ll be sure to promote it the best I can :) x

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    Wowee. Good luck. I don’t know whether I can say ‘I’m looking forward to reading it’…but I am very interested in hearing your experiences. I think it is fantastic that you are so open about your life and I think you will help a lot of people indirectly by speaking out. X

  2. says

    the way you write about your experiences makes us all feel like we ARE NOT right ol’ numpties and that actually we are all human and this can happen at any point in time and to any of us. i am very much looking forward to a week of your life. badge has been posted x

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      And I you. Bet you’re glad you didn’t know I was so mentally un-higned until after we spent the night together in wild abandon* ;)

      *talking about blogs till the wee hours

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    I have just visited the site and will definitely show my support by adding the badge. I think it is so important to raise awareness of these issues. My mum has suffered with mental health conditions for most of her life and I have parts of it in me. I have it under control but my anxiety flares up sometimes and I don’t think it will ever go away. I follow someones blog who writes posts that I could have written myself, reading someone else experiencing the same things as me stops me from feeling alone. Everyone should feel like that xx

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    I will look out to your posts, but for what little I know about you, from your blog and our brief encounter, you are just an amazing woman! Keep it up madam! You are my favourite mummy blogger!

  5. says

    Wow. Both you and SAHDandproud (whose blog post on his past I’ve recently read), who are, without doubt, two of my favourite bloggers / people on Twitter, are just so brilliant. I admire both of you so much. You are both just amazing people. Erm…I could go on but I reckon you’ve got the message x

  6. says

    Good luck Mammasaurus! I’ll be following your journey with sympathy and admiration. There are two qualities you have in spades and that many ‘saner’ people lack and those are courage and humour. Both essential ballasts against the storms and demons and, doubtless, very welcome buoyancy aids for others who feel they’re sinking alone.

  7. says

    Hi Hun,

    Good on you, and thanks for making me aware of Black Dog Tribe.

    I’m looking forward to reading you story – I’ve been trying to write about my experience with mental illness for some time now and for whatever reason can never bring myself to do it so I commend you hun xx

  8. says

    Brilliant post, really want to hear more, you have a fantastic writing style. Will be adding the badge and hopefully blogging soon about my recent experiences! Just had a major break through with my ‘mental illness’ yesterday, wahoooooo! Thank you so much for letting me know about Black Dog Tribe too, I got majorly confused for a while as I could have sworn Ruby Wax wasn’t preggers??! First thoughts… poor kid, what an unfortunate name!

  9. says

    Great post Mammasaurus. I blogged about Black Dog Tribe when I first heard it was launching and will be adding the badge the second I am done with this reply. I have an aunt with borderline personality disorder, so I have had first hand experience of this through my life. You are doing some wonderful stuff talking so openly about your experiences, I really applaud you xx

  10. says

    Good on you to discuss this. Agree there’s still a big stigma surrounding mental illness but most of us have had some degree of it at some point in our lives. You have a really good way of writing, look forward to reading more x.

  11. says

    Good on you to write about this. I agree there is still a big stigma surrounding mental illness despite most of us experiencing some degree of it at some point in our lives. You have a really good writing style, look forward to reading more x

  12. mamalubs says

    Think it is brilliantly brave of you to tackle a subject matter that is so rarely discussed but affects so many of us.

    Big up you, you’ll indirectly be helping a lot of people.


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  2. [...] week see’s me talking about living in cloud cuckoo land. Open and frank talking about a life pestered by mental illness. Don’t fear I don’t go [...]

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