Let the kidz do the talkin’

The Save The Children Creating Connections Blogger + Vlogger conference held on Saturday was super. Super for many reasons. I heard compelling tales from Bangladesh and Rwanda, listened to some great speakers, meet some bloggers that I had mean wanting to see for ages, caught up with old friends and got inspired by some of the YouTube Community. I *may* have tweeted out about the sexy poster young man but don’t let my frivolousness cloud the fact that da kidz have the passion and creativity that I’d give up gin for good to have. I call them ‘da kidz’ – I really mean young people but I like to mix in a bit of urban flava, after all we all know at the tender age of 21 I am one myself…*ahem*
Enjoy this video made by Ray Roberts, it’s really cool, the first bit I have played on loop for about half and hour last night!


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