Our perfect holiday and why I would like to be a #MarkWarnerMum in 2015

After a fantastic year working together, it is with a heavy heart that our yummy mummy blogger ambassadors pass the Mark Warner baton on to a crop of fresh recruits.

We will be selecting five bloggers to work closely with us throughout 2015. We want them to be an extension of our team, getting stuck in with everything from product reviews to content and blogging strategy.
— Mark Warner Team

As a family we've enjoyed holidays both here in the UK and abroad, in the Algarve and last year, Sicily, all factoring in our love of beaches and sunshine - a far cry from our sub-zero honeymoon in Reykjavik.

Pre-children our holiday choices were quite different, favouring long weekend city breaks in Europe.

I know - check out that hair!

But as with many aspects of family life, our needs have adapted to accommodate all of our tastes. Now that Kitty is 6 years old and Ozzy is 5, they crave time to play, room to run and activities and their favourite holiday things are sand and sea. The biggest wishes from Al and I are finding new things to try and see and getting a flavour of different cultures, from Cornwall to Africa...

Before I tell you about what would make our perfect family holiday I'd like to quickly share a couple of the reasons that I'd like to work with Mark Warner in 2015 as a Mark Warner Mum. Firstly, we've never ever booked a family holiday package before. We've always booked each element of our family holidays separately (this hasn't been without drama!) from the travel and accommodation to the day trips and activities. We have never stayed in a hotel with the kids on holiday either!

Secondly we've not experienced Kids Clubs when on holiday. As much as we love our 'family time', we also love our 'couples time' and we would love to experience a holiday which offers the best of both worlds - family time and relaxing dare I say, romantic time. Usually we return from our family holiday feeling like we need a holiday to get over holiday we just had - is there another way? We'd love to know!

Our perfect family holiday recipe


  • Family
  • Sunshine
  • Beaches
  • Sea
  • Trying local cuisine 
  • New experiences to try (after all you are only on holiday once or twice a year!)
  • Quality time with the kids
  • Quality time without the kids
  • Seeing the kids make new friends (everyone remembers a childhood 'holiday friend' don't they?)
  • A comfy bed (hey I like my sleep!)
  • Making memories that we'll remember in years to come


Take one knackered mum

obviously squatting from fatigue...

obviously squatting from fatigue...

Take one over-worked dad

Take one shy, creative, water-loving girl

Al & Kitty at Porthpean Beach, Cornwall

Al & Kitty at Porthpean Beach, Cornwall

Take one outgoing funster of a boy

Ozzy in the New Forest

Ozzy in the New Forest

Get on a plane

Arrive at destination and let the fun begin!

Yep it's that easy!

I'd really love to become a #MarkWarnerMum in 2015 and share with you our journey through a new family holiday experience. I've already read many posts from bloggers who would also love a chance for this great Ambassador opportunity and I appreciate I may be lacking on the video skillz front but I'm willing to learn and uber-ethusiastic!

Good luck to all who have entered x