Kitty's 'real' bedroom

Kitty's bedroom isn't an interiors fans perfectly arranged room. It's not full of trendy accessories, there's no less-is-more to it and there's not one 'Hello sunshine' style framed quote on the walls. There's no pastel geometric duvet cover and it's never going to make it onto the pages of a magazine.

But it is real. It's Kitty's room, full of Kitty's things that she's been given or collected over the years. The bed has been taken over by far too many soft toys and piles of her 'collections' are arranged methodically around her room. A sunflower she made at pre-school 4 years ago still has pride of place on her shelf. 

 I decided a couple of years back that her room is her space and as such I need to respect that. I stopped whisking round the room tidying everything away each day and now I just poke my head round the door and do a recon for dirty socks that haven't found their way to the washing basket. The whole room is, well, very 'Kitty' and as it's her space I think that's just about how it should be, a space that reflects her loves and not my own.


Tree wall feature

 We made this 3 years ago and it still looks nice! I drew leaf shaped on thick white card and Kitty and I coloured them in. Some card I glued scraps of fabric on, the beauty with these leaves is that you can be as creative as you want. I cut out all the leaf shapes as Kitty was too small at the time, but if we made more now it's definitely something she could help with.. I painted the tree trunk on the wall using a tester pot of brown paint. I stuck the leaves on the wall using super strong double-sided tape. Over the years I have painted birds in the trees and Kitty has added new leaves and bird stickers. Total cost: Under £20.

Blackout Thermal Lined Curtains

These were an essential as Kitty really dislikes any light getting in her room at night, she takes after me in that respect. If her room gets too light when she's trying to sleep she burrows under her covers and overheats. Blackout curtains are good, thermal lined ones are even better - they keep the cold air out and the warm air in, meaning you save money on your energy bills as your child sleeps - and the room is kept warmer in those Winter months. We were sent these ready made curtains by The Natural Curtain Company. Being ready made they arrived the next day (they also sell made-to-measure curtains too if you have an odd shaped window!) Easy to hang and of great quality, Kitty is much happier with how dark her bedroom is at night time (and I'm happy energy is being saved). Here's a look at the an example of juts how much heat can be saved using these curtains:

Wall stickers & Paint

Wall stickers add a splash of colour to the white (Kitty's colour of choice) walls. After much convincing Kitty chose a shade of pink for one wall in her room. Butterfly ceiling stickers from IKEA.