4K Photography – my thoughts two weeks in

As part of my role as a Lumix ambassador (and general photography hound)  I have been experimenting with 4K photography again this week. One thing I have really loved is the children making suggestions of things we could try to capture movement. Kitty particularly has become enthused with the whole process of taking a video and then sitting down with the camera to watch it frame by frame, choosing which stills to save ready for uploading to the computer.

So when I returned from Tanya‘s armed with a tub of fake snow that she used in her recent re-make of The Snowman (The Sproutman), Kitty was quick off the mark suggesting that we try videoing her blowing it. I love how using the Lumix LX100 has engaged her with planning photographs and using her imagination.

And no, that’s no Kitty’s arm below…


4K photography

I’ve discovered that, like with all photography, having good natural light is key for 4K photography. The dull grey days of late or shooting in the evening indoors do not produce the great crisp images that shooting in good light do, the results are decent enough but not on a par with decent daylight.

The process is a lot quicker that I had envisaged. I had a preconception that it would involve shooting video to upload to the computer and then laboriously  trawling through the video footage on video editing software, picking out stills I wanted. The reality was quite different, shoot the video, playback on the camera frame by frame saving the images you want so when you pop the SD card in your computer / macbook the photos you want are all there ready for editing as usual.

As a photographer it’s made me more aware of movement and shots that would be hard to capture normally which is a bonus, after all it’s always good to try new things and see things in a different light.

I’ve found the Panasonic Lumix LX100 user friendly, lightweight and a really handy size. Easy to use and easy for the children to use too. Picking still from the video footage is a quick and simple process and it’s fascinating watching things frame by frame as you realize just how much of ‘real life’  you miss out on seeing with the naked eye.

Depending on where you look to buy from online the Lumix LX100 can be picked up new from anywhere between the Β£380 – Β£550 mark  which makes it an affordable camera option with the added 4K bonus.

And although my posts has primarily been 4K based, here’s a few ‘normal’ non-4K photos, just so you can gauge the quality of regular photos too…

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  • It is lovely that this camera is really sparking kitty’s interest in video and photography πŸ™‚ the shots of the kids playing are lovely.

    It’s nice that you can pick your stills in camera – I also assumed that you’d need to upload first. It’s interesting to see moments that would have otherwise been missed.

  • I love how my 8 year old loves my camera so can relate to how nice it must be for Kitty to take such an interest in it. I love how this camera is making it easier to capture movement (now you know I just want one that does that underwater lol). Thank you for helping to educate me further on photography I do appreciate it.