34. How does Your Garden Grow?

rosehiprosehip two above: from a local stroll at the weekend

mossy tree stump mossy tree stump above two: random mossy tree stump

Winter garden Winter garden Winter garden Winter garden four above: from grandads garden this week - the carrots are still hanging in there amazingly enough

hedgerow one above: from a hedgerow down the road

frosty leaves two above: frosty leaves from the garden

Happy New Year! How was your Chrizzle? Good I hope, full of mince pies and red wine and and over-indulgence of fine cheeses if you are anything like me. My body is so ready for a nice healthy start to 2014, I have been craving salad of all things, so I must have been a very bad girl over the past week or two...

Well what lovely weather we have been having. If you like gales and wind and rain rain rain every flipping day - which I don't. All my New Years enthusiasm about this being the year where I'll transform our garden has been put on to simmer as at the moment I look out the window and just shiver and think 'meh'. I know as soon as the rain breaks I'll be back in the zone though. Doctor Saurus prescribes a trip to some garden centres for inspiration.

Faves from last time include: Naked tree, Many trees, the Crimbo train and the festive Gemma.

And a New Year means a new start, so here you go, a choice of three badges now, if you want to add one, which of course you don't. I won't go feral or 'owt. [one-third-first]

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

[/one-third-first] [one-third]

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

[/one-third] [one-third]

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?