3. How does you garden grow?

 Flowering chivesDandelion clock Black and White Foxglove Apple tree blossom [one-half-first] Random Pink Flowers Dandelion clocks Welcome welcome! It's that time of the week again! Time to get out your camera and show what's occurring in your garden. There was an impressive 24 entries last week - the last few of which I have only just spotted and they look fabulous if you have time it's worth popping back to check them out. It really has been so relaxing sitting and looking through all the photos *happy sigh*

This week I'm biting the bullet and showing some snaps from my own garden... the two dandelion shots are representative of the ratio of weeds to plants. Good news on the herb fronts as my little herb garden corner is springing back to like, the chives are flowering, the rosemary and sage flowering and the mint commencing it's yearly sprawl. I've already been using the chives in a few suppers this week, so satisfying to open your own door, walk out and snip off herbs to cook with - it really grates with me during the winter months to buy packs of sweaty cellophaned  herbs from the supermarket.

Foxgloves are appearing too which I love, they take me back to childhood and reading Beatrix Potter books. I have high hopes of apples again this year from our little apple tree. It was only planted a couple of years ago and last year the weight of apples bowed it's tiny branches so this year I hope for great things. Talking of great things look look!

First tomato plant flower of the year

My first tomato flower of the year! It's a miracle in itself as twice now have I noticed it's been uprooted, once by Ozzy and once by Kitty who 'only wanted to look at the bottom of it mummy'.  Grow little tommies grow!

How has your garden changed this week? If you haven't time to join in and show us I'd still love to hear x


Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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