28. How Does Your Garden Grow?

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I'm sharing some photos from a couple of weeks back today, from the National Trusts's Mottisfont Abbey.This past week has sped by in a bit of a blur, I've not been home much and this weeks HDYGG has crept up on me fast. Firstly a huge apology to Discovering Breadcrumbs, who's entry I didn't spy at the end of last weeks linky until this morning - you'll be pleased to hear that I am sat on the naughty step.

I've stopped my bitching about it being grey and rainy, having been totally swayed by a dry, sunny, crisp and chilly Autumn day out yesterday. I've dusted off my gloves and snood and point blank refuse to leave the house without them now...how are you faring? (that question doesn't apply to our lucky American regulars Lil Muse Lily and Mumturnedmon!)

Thanks to everyone who joined in last week, faves include: a crystal grotto, a garden awaiting the arrival of builders, the farewell trees, white heather and the deep reds.

Have a jolly fine weekend ahead and enjoy the outdoors x

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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