She told me and I told you now you tell them


[wpvideo 11iXR8bq] Typecast told  Actually Mummy told to post up her Ultimate Christmas Song and then Actually Mummy told me to do it too. I don't know who else told who but this has the potential to turn into one of those crazy ass Liebster thingys.

For me Christmas is made more Christmassy by capturing the essence of Christmas - namely a bunch of children who are all hyped up on the joy of seeing flashing light in the lounge and the promise of presents. Queen Scamp is going mental at the thought of getting a Yo-Yo -which is her request by the way. Between you and me I reckon 'Father MissMass' can stretch to that.

Friday saw Queen Scamps nursery 'Christmas Performance'. She's in the middle in a red skirt, looking bewildered with all the parents taking photos. I don't blame her , I was recently 'papped' to within an inch of my life by New Mum OnlineRomanian Mum, Tired Mummy of Two, Here Come The Girls, Snuggle Bubby and Actually Mummy and it was a scary experience.