Cop a handful of this! Sunday Squeeze *honk honk*


Fancy a squeeze ? Do ya?

MotherVenting is not only a sauce-pot but also the Queen of banter and so Frannie  and Annie strike again by giving  birth to...

The Sunday Squeeze!

'Name That Boob'

Boobs, titties, breasticles, hooters, kahoonas, jugs, jubblies ... we all have them. But what do you call yours? Give them names and

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So many potential names have run through my mind...rejected names are Cagney and Lacey ( too old skool), Dick and Dom (but I don't live in 'Da Bungalow' and Boo and Bee ( but out of respect to the fabulous Boo and Me it got binned). I asked Papasaurus what he would call them and the filth that came out of his usually quiet lips turned some of my leg hairs grey with shock and so I won't share that with you. Word on the street is that Flossing the Cat calls hers her 'mildreds' which I think is very cool indeed.

I therefore pledge allegiance to The Sistahood and name my upper floppy bits... Moley and Ratty.

Charming? Attractive? Questionable. Moley is my left boob as that has a large mole (not chocolate or pooh a MOLE) and if I am going on a Wind In The Willows bent then Ratty seems the perfect buddy. Also Ratty to me conjures images of a tatty, sorry looking scraggly thing which sums up my once voluptuous breasts very well. You know post party time when you find a deflated balloon? That's my knockers right there, they have seen better days, there's no blowing them back up - god knows I've tried.

So... name that boob(s)!

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