Blowing up in my dining room!


Those clever folks over at BritMums and Kodak have teamed up for the BritMums and Kodak Big App Challenge! The idea behind it is to inspire and show mums and dads how to use a new online app and cheaper-than-you’d-think printer ink to create cut-out-and-keep projects, Christmas decorations, wall art and family activities.

You know me - I'm a stickler for all things video and photo related and so how could I not join in ?!

Joining in is easy- simply post a picture on your blog that you’d like to give the Big App treatment – one you’d like to see displayed BIG on your wall.

Now I have a gazillion pictures that I thought would be good for this - I love this one of Queen Scamp and Oz on the beach eating bananas which I thought would look great on our dining room wall!

But I have opted for a colourful product of some quality crafty family time we had recently which I would love to see BIG on our dining room wall next to the table we sit at to get crafty !

I'm Taking Part in the Kodak Big App Challenge