Bits of me are dropping off...stage 1 - Spectacles


bits of me are falling off Ok so maybe 'dropping off' is a bit over dramatic but I am starting to fall to pieces quite literally.

I've been answering lots of questions lately about my favourite things about blogging - but now I have found the answer to the question - What's the worst thing about blogging ?

Failing eye-sight.

I've always had a lazy eye (not to be confused with a wonky eye!) which means that my right eye has to do twice as much work as the left one. Problem is now that I'm spending more time than ever with my head in a laptop my eyes have felt the strain. A few weeks back  I had headaches every time I looked the screen, so off I trudged to my local opticians. Fifteen minutes and £25 later I was faced with the fact - I need glasses for all reading, computer work - anything that involves me needing to look at things close up.

Spectacles. Oh dear.

I was shown a massive range of specs ranging form £70 - £300 and being the tightarse frugal living lady that I am I decided quickly that seeing as I'd only ever need to wear them within the confines of my own home that I couldn't really justify £200 on a pair of fancy pants glasses. £80 later I had ordered a pair.

Initially I had visions of Deardrie Barlow specs galore but oh no!  There's something you should know about glasses these days  - it seems that 99% of all glasses are little rectangular jobs - or as I lovingly refer to them 'K.D Lang-ers'. I bear no grudge to them as specs it's just I don't suit them, they aren't me.

So what did I order ? A cross between The Two Ronnies and Harry Potter. I like to think of them as retro but truth is I look a bit daft in  them - but I don't care as it's all part of my new nerdy look! The young girl working on the reception took one look at me when I tried them on and smiled which started up the conversation :

Me - 'They look at bit Harry Potter ish don't they?'

Her - 'Yes I did think that' she said bursting into laughter

Me - 'I happen to really love Harry Potter' and flashed her my sternest poker faced serious look and watched her squirm inwardly.

Yes I am a bitch but really? Dissing Harry Potter in my presence. Ignoramus!

Am I getting so old that parts of me are giving up the ghost ? Has anyone else had an unpleasant reminder that your body isn't the pinnacle of perfection that it used to be ?