Flashback Friday - Making a new life


Six years ago I had abandoned my children and moved away in the name of self preservation (as I have touched on in a previous post). I was alone in a strange town, starting a new job, I knew no one and felt utterly lost and hopeless. I was a mother torn away from her children, desperately alone, frightened and confused. I was self harming and had attempted suicide on a number of occasions. In the midst of all this unhappiness I met a man, a man whom supported me and helped me through my darkest times.

Fast forward 3 years and that man and I prepared to marry and talked of starting a family of our own however there was one thing stopping us - I had been sterilised following my sixth child, the ultimate form of manipulation from my controlling husband at the time. We discussed it, went to see a rather nice BUPA consultant and a few weeks later I went in overnight to have a reversal operation, my chances of a future pregnancy were 50/50 of we were told.

Lady Luck however was looking out for me and within 4 weeks of the operation I was pregnant with Bean.

So my Flashback Friday?

"Reykjavik skyline"

Our honeymoon, a new beginning with a new life that I thought was impossible growing inside of me. My inner calm was restored and I built myself back up slowly with my husbands support into the strong woman that I am today. Our honeymoon was a turning point for me, Reykjavik, Iceland remains the most beautiful, inspirational place that I have ever visited.

"Iceland Scenery "

A big hug to Cafe Bebe for taking me back there in her 'Flashback Friday' meme - I'm off for a warm milk in front of the glowing woodburner on this cold evening with a side serving of nostalgia x