'Pre-meme-stral Tension' - So many memes...so little time


I don't know about you but I am rather partial to good meme. Hardly the 'meme-grinch'  I have a couple of my own (insert shameless 'What?Wednesday' and 'Saturday Is Caption Day' plugs here). Memes make for great reading not to mention a great way of finding some mighty fine blogs and generally immersing oneself in the blogging community.

This weekend however, I have been suffering from 'Pre-meme-stral tension' ... my little head started spinning a la Excorsist and I got all twitchy.

There are many, many memes out there and like most people I do the ones that I really love ( for example this week Actually Mummy started a the brilliant "Wot So Funee?". Every week I see ones that make me think  'ooo I like the look of that - I'll just bookmark it' and let's not forget there are the memes that people 'tag' you to do, you know the ones, someone tells you that you have been 'tagged' and you get that extra element of pressure.

A couple of things you should know about me which may help you to understand my 'pre-meme-stral tension' are:

  • I am really un-organised. For example I never give image files on my computer appropriate  names  that will help me find them should I need them, I usually am far too impatient and label a photo of something 'jfjfhd.jpg' purely because I can't be arsed in typing the proper name.
  • I make daft amounts of bookmark folders. I am looking at the screen and can see the folders: 'BritmumsColumn','LoveNewBlogs', 'BlogsToRead' and of course my ominous 'Memes'
  • I find it hard to say no. Always have done.

Yesterday I opened said 'Memes' folder to see what's what and that's what set my 'PMT' off. I appear to have been tagged in 4 seperate memes and have a list that goes in to double figures of ones that I want to get round to trying.

Now I could do them all, it may take me a fortnight but I could technically do it. The thing is I also want to write my own posts that I have brewing up in my head too. I'm quite sure that doing these memes would be great fun and that I'd discover some new bloggers but if I'm totally honest I don't want to neglect my own writing and daft ideas. I say 'writing' in the loosest of terms you understand but you get my drift.

But I don't want to offend people either - I've been saying things like "I'm definitely going to join in yours soon"  so often that I feel like a slutty meme-tart.

So what to do?

I'm going to do something radical, I'm not going to do *gasps* Silent Sunday and instead I'm making it my 'Meme-Day'  - my designated day of the week to do a new meme that I haven't tried before. That's right I'm going to go through the whole bloody lot of them one Sunday at a time.

It may well be the death of me.

My greedy alter-ego 'I'll just check my stats-girl' will be feeling rather nervous, Silent Sunday brings in lots of comments but I think that I'd rather the pleasure of trying something new each week and getting back to writing at the weekend instead of having 2 days of photo posts. I think I may be turning in to an idealistic arse-hole...

Is anyone else feeling the  meme-strain ?!