Ask A Blogger - the mini interrogation of Mutterings Of A Fool


‘Ask A Blogger’ is mini-interrogation few short,simple questions that will be put to a different blogger each week, experienced and newbies alike !

Today I am slapping on the lippy and making myself look lovely for  Mutterings Of A Fool aka Ben. He describes himself as "a twenty something treasury guru working for a large American corporation dreaming of a simpler life in the outdoors away from the office."

A huge thank you to Ben for making time between jetting to and for to answer these !

You can find the dashing Ben over at Mutterings Of A Fool and if you are a fan of 'The Twitter' as Papasaurus calls it you can find the great Mutterings @TheFoolTweets.

And now I shimmy across,lean seductively on the desk  (well I don't entertain daddys very often) whilst shining the anglepoise light in Mutterings eyeballs - here comes your questions ...

If you could give just one piece of advice to a mummy or daddy blogger just starting out in ‘Blog Land’ what would it be?

Well I've been blogging for less than a year, but I think what I learned quickly is that you need to blog regularly, whatever regularly is. Find a cadence that works for you and stick with it. Through this consistency you'll start to bring traffic to your site. If part of this blogging regularly includes 1 or 2 of the more popular memes then all the better. Don't just do them though, that doesn't really spark interest in what you have to say.

What do you consider to be the biggest blogging ‘no no’?

Copying, it's your blog so you can write whatever you want and don't let anyone tell you what you 'should' be writing. But make it original, don't consider for even one second copying someones blog or consistently writing about the same topics as someone. Find your own voice, even if no one wants to listen :)

To review or not to review?

I've actually found a nice balance, I do reviews for so don't feel the need to do them on my own blog. Having said that I have done 2 in the last year simply because I personally found them interesting. I find it a huge turn off to read review after review on a blog about the most mundane things (shower gel anyone?). If you do want to review then try to develop a way of writing them that is original. Inevitably you aren't the only person reviewing the item so you need to find a way to stand out rather than just repeating what is in the press release.

If you could sum up your blog in just one word what would that word be?

Houmous or do I mean humorous?

We know you as Chatty Baby but do you have any secret talents or hobbies that you’d care to tell us about ?

Hmmm I think I've talked about most of my hobbies on the blog, but I think if I had to put one down on my CV it would be that I make the perfect boiled egg and soldiers. Just runny enough to dip in without being all gloopy and disgusting. I'm sure that talent will get me a long way.

I love gin – do you love gin?

Ergh I can think of nothing worse to drink, a single malt whisky on the other hand....


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