Which Bugger Stole My Biscuits ?!


I am unhappy today. Some bugger's been at my biscuits.

I'm not a diva, I don't have many pairs of shoes and I don't have any pots of facial age defying creams but I do like my biscuits.

My little indulgence. Essential to dip in my morning coffee.

I suspect Bean (who is 3 yrs old) can now reach on to the kitchen worktops and get to my special biscuit tin. Yes I even have my own separate special biscuit tin, it's a green and cream vintage affair and I love it to bits.

So I quiz Bean over breakfast ... "Kitty - have you opened mummys biscuit tin?"

'No mummy' she replies and accompanies it with a very cheeky grin that she saves to bring out on occasions when she thinks I am about to explode.

"Well who has been eating mummys special biscuits then?"

*Pause for thought*

'I know mummy ! It was Mister Mouse !'

"Mister Mouse! Who is Mister Mouse ?"

'Silly mummy, he's a tiny little mouse who lives in the kettle and his favourite food in the whole wide world is biscuits'

Bean scores 1/10 for honesty but has redeemed herself with a strong 10/10 for imagination.