"Ask A Blogger" - The Mini Interrogation of Kathryn aka Crystal Jigsaw


‘Ask A Blogger’ is mini-interrogation few short,simple questions that will be put to a different blogger each week, experienced and newbies alike !

Today I am delighted to welcome Kathryn aka Crystal Jigsaw, who is not only a blogger but also a farmer,writer and mother - now that's multi-tasking ! A huge thanks to Kathryn for answering these questions for us all, so interesting to get different bloggers takes on things.Let's all give a big WHOOP WHOOP! to Crystal Jigsaw !

(You can find the lovely Kathryn over at Crystal Jigsaw and if you are a fan of 'The Twitter' as Papasaurus calls it you can find Kathryn @CrystalJigsaw)

And now *points anglepoise lamp in Kathryns direction* here comes your questions ...

If you could give just one piece of advice to a mummy or daddy blogger just starting out in ‘Blog Land’ what would it be?

Comment on lots of blogs, make yourself known in various blogging circles, join blogger’s websites and join in the conversations.

What do you consider to be the biggest blogging ‘no no’?

Slagging people off on the internet; if there’s justification and a strong case for naming and shaming then fair enough. There are many bloggers out there who think they are the “blogging police”, telling each other how to and how not to blog. Each blog is different, individual and a credit to the blogger. Unless a blogger has over-stepped the mark, none deserve to be made to feel ashamed.

To review or not to review?

Personally, I don’t do reviews on my blog but that is entirely my choice. I prefer to keep my blog personal. But each one is different and no blogger should be made to feel they are wrong for reviewing or not, if that’s the case.

If you could sum up your blog in just one word what would that word be?


We know you as Crystal Jigsaw but do you have any secret talents or hobbies that you’d care to tell us about ?

I’m a pianist and a very rusty violist. Apart from that, my hobbies are blogging, Martin Shaw and chocolate peanuts, and my secret talent is so secret, it’s classified.

I love gin – do you love gin?

I don’t drink alcohol at all.