Charlie and Lola books are THE WORK OF THE DEVIL


Charlie and Lola – I completely, utterly love the TV progs but the books are THE WORK OF THE DEVIL After all my ramblings over Satans Spawn Baby Jake I fear that maybe I am getting a bit of a reputation as a kids telly Grinch. But yes even the Mammasaurus has a soft side – I love Charlie and Lola on the TV, charming stories, gorgeous design and endearing characters (no really I actually do love it – no cynical bits to add). It’s one of the few programs that I can say that I enjoy watching on CBeebies, it seems to appeal to young and older alike.

Imagine my delight then when at the local library a couple of weeks back coming across a couple Charlie and Lola books – ‘My Wobbly Tooth Must Not ever Never Fall Out’ and ‘I'm Really Ever So Not Well’. The inner smug-bastard in me was rubbing hands together in glee at the thought of a bedtime book that I’d quite like to read to Bean. Bean is notorious at taking 30 books from the library every 2 weeks and making me read the same 3 over and over again every night for those weeks until I am utterly fed up of them and losing the will to live. But Charlie and Lola I thought would make a nice change – right? WRONG!

OMG (as the kidz say these days) what a bloody nightmare they are to read! Tell me someone that it’s not just me who feels like this towards these books?! Ok ok ok I’ve taken a deep breath,wooo-sahhh.

I appreciate if you have never read a Charlie and Lola book then you have not got a clue what my beef is so I shall write the rest of this short article in the Charlie and Lola style…

“Who’s reading to Bean tonight?” Hubby says

And then I have a really extremely very good idea. “Hubby” I say “I have the most fantastical utterly brilliant idea ever in the whole wide world”

“What is it?” hubby says

And then I say “Well lets imagine that the books are flying rainbow colour elephants and we are going to ride on them!”

“Ride on them?” hubbys says

And then I say “Yes hubby, we must totally and absolutely ride on the flying elephant books and drink pink milk!”

And then hubby says "That is a fantastical idea mummy, I must never ever forget what a splendid mummy you are"

Ok ok you get the jist - there ends my somewhat peculiar rant.

You'll either totally 'get it' or you'll think I've lost the plot.

Tell me it's not just me ?!