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Good day garden hounds! This changeable weather seems to have unleashed a whole host of floral explosions across gardens countrywide and that’s something I’ll never complain about. Photos this week are from my mum’s garden, which is a riot of colour at the moment. The anemones she bought as a packet of seeds super cheap and have done really well, seeing them swaying the breeze was such a perfect summers-nearly-here feeling.

As ever, thanks to all who joined in last week, some faves include: a cottage garden, cheery cherry blossom, Chiddingstone Castle, a rare and unusual plant fair and a really interesting post about township gardening in South Africa.

I hope that you have enjoyed your week and managed to get outside and enjoy some gardens!

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  • these are such gorgeous pictures Annie. bright but with a certain darkness to them at the same time. i love them! and am loving the new blog look also. xx -Claudia

  • What an amazing garden your mum has. I need some of her magic with my summer bulbs…sadly they haven’t really come to anything yet! I especially love those yellows tip toeing out of the dark background. You’re very clever! I love the new look to your blog too Annie. Thank you for hosting and for the mention. xx

  • My mum has a glass plate with anemones on and I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since. I did sow some last year as part of a wild flower mix but got more foliage than flower. Your mum has got quite a magnificent display. I love the description of the catkins.

  • Those anemones are beautiful, I must try to grow some for next year. Love the tulips too and seeing what things have been planted in like the vintage tub. The vintage books too, gorgeous.

  • Love the contrast of the bold flowers with the quiet nooks and pots and books. Simply gorgeous photos Annie.

  • Anemones! Thank you, now I know what is growing in our garden!
    Your mother has such a beautiful garden, you’ve really captured it in such a wonderful light. And those books, I bet hours could be lost devouring those.