15. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Bees buzzingRaspberriesHow does your garden grow?How does your garden grow?Sweet peasSweet peasMarigoldsGreenhouseCourgette floweringpetals fallingIt's getting to that time of the year where I'm feeling all overjoyed to see the bounty that gardens are offering as fruit and vegetable plots start to hit their peak mixed with a mild sense of sadness that the Summer holidays are flying by and with them more petals are falling to the ground. I know, deep stuff right? The photos above are all taken in Grandad's garden once more. Kitty has been eating her own body weight in raspberries (you can make out her handy-work above!) and I have been nose deep in the Sweetpeas. We've been admiring the butterflies attracted to the buddleia and Kitty has learnt the fine art of patience - her reward is that if she stands still long enough watching without moving or talking that butterflies will land on her, much to her delight as you can imagine!

Butterflies on a buddleia

My own garden is full of bees, as my very large lavender plants are accommodating dozens each, I did attempt to take a photo of them but the bees are very friendly and like to come and land on my hands when I get close, they may not sting but it's enough to give me 'the fear'!

And finally I seem to have acquired a new-found desire for a greenhouse - though I am hoping that will pass soon as I am still on a succulent bender. But oh I can't help it, their warmth, their glassy bits, the smell of tomatoes within... Tell me I'm not alone in my greenhouse dreams! Do you have any greenhouse lust or dreams of something new for your garden?

Extra love for some lovely entries last week: Lil Muse Lily knows the way to my heart with a post crammed full of succulents, Mama Syder's garden posts never cease to amaze me and her beautiful photos along with beautiful words blow me away, Shell Louise's culmination of her endless hard work and the photos and sentiment in Bluebirdsunshine's post had me smiling from ear to ear and nodding in agreement.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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