144. How Does Your Garden Grow?

Florals by Fable & Folk

Florals by Fable & Folk

If I don’t mention that this post is a day late no one will notice right? *hopeful face* 

So, yesterday I was stood on my doorstep, camera in hand with fully charged battery and newly wiped memory card. Full of intentions to head to Hillier Gardens and take some garden photos to share. Jumper, thick socks, walking boots and enthusiasm – nothing was going to  hold me back!

And then, as if sensing my good mood the heavens opened and it rained with a light dash of hailstones. So I did what any true hardcore badass adventurer would do… headed to the local village and bought some flowers to bring home and photograph in the dry instead. I know, I’m such a pussy.

Having filled our home with hyacinths, tulips and daffodils over the past month I craved a change. I popped into a local florist and picked out random odd stems of flowers. I suspect to the untrained eye I looked a bit like an indecisive noob, wandering about with the florist pointing and squeeing ‘ooo that one!’ and random. Buying flowers individually from a florist to create your own vase full of joy is like taking the feeling you get when you buy yourself a bunch of pre-wrapped flowers and dipping it a hot of happy dust. I’m still grinning now…

Florals by Fable & Folk

Thanks to all for joining in last week, some faves include: a look in Sabrina’s garden, colour hunting with Gemma, a frosty morning with Kriss and Katie’s photos from the call of the garden.

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