139. How Does Your Garden Grow?

RHS Wisley photos

Oh my friends, I have had an epic fail today. I went out for the morning to take some photos at a local gardens, got home, excitedly went to upload the photos to the computer to find <insert dramatic music> I had forgotten to put the flash memory card in the camera. Colour me annoyed! 

This week I am having to improvise, I’ve been back through my Lightroom archives and found some that photos that I took in Spring last year at RHS Wisley that never made it into a post (at least I think they didn’t!) Complete cheating from me but I think after the morning I’ve had you’ll let me off – won’t you? Won’t you?! *looks forlorn and a bit pathetic*

Excellent. Let’s go!

I feel like such a cheat this week! 

Thanks as always to all who joined in last week, some faves include: Wassaliling an apple tree, a pink blast, macro frost goodness and snow in the valley.

Mammsaurus HDYGG

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  • well, you pulled through! these are gorgeous! and bright. i’m surprised your camera let you take pictures without the memory stick in it. mine doesn’t. many hugs! xx. Claudia

  • Beautiful photos and my first link up! I kept checking if it was live but with a 15month old at my keyboard not always successfully.

  • That’s happened to me before – sooo frustrating. (The screen warns me but if I’m just looking through the viewfinder…) But the good news for me is that you’ve just given me a fabulous doze of spring colour in all its dazzling beauty.

  • Woweee I was not expecting so much colour πŸ™‚ Don’t feel like a cheat it’s so nice to see something out of season, I feel ready for Spring now. Which reminds me, I STILL haven’t ordered my seeds GAH!!! On the bright side, at least you took the lens cap off… πŸ˜‰ x

  • For a second there I thought Summer had come early to the Mammasaurus neck of the woods! It’s lovely to see some colour in all this January gloom…don’t apologise πŸ™‚ Thanks again for hosting #hdygg!

  • "Cheating" with images as fine as these is definitely allowed – love the tin cans, and I want to do this myself, not sure where though or if I’ll be able to swing it in the garden…. Off to eat some baked beans, thanks for hosting xx

  • I know that problem – we went to a medieval fair at Bayeux, took loads of photos and then found there was no card in the camera. It was assured that the fault was all mine but I was vindicated when we checked the computer and found the last person to upload photos was he who was accusing me!
    Lovely colourful pictures – a reminder of things to come πŸ™‚