11. How does your garden grow?

How does your garden grow?How does your garden grow? Pink roses Pink roses How does your garden grow? Red poppy Marigolds Garden Pretty pink sweetpea Soft pink roses Soft pink roses How does your garden grow? How does your garden grow? Marigolds Marigolds Grandads veggie garden

Yes it's a bit too hot now. Yes there are a gazillion midgies all thirsty for blood post 7pm. Yes our waterbutts are dry. But oh my, how everything is growing! Even the tomato plant that Kitty helped me plant earlier this year have teeny little tomatoes growing on - miracles can happen! We visited Grandma and Grandad at the weekend and it would have been rude not to have take a few photos. Ok so I took a lot of photos, but there's so much about at the moment I seem to have developed and itchy camera finger. Kitty is wholeheartedly encouraging the photo taking, pulling my skirt to lead me off to 'photo this one mummy!' Something I'm going to be trying out with her in the impending summer holidays is giving her my old point and click camera and setting her off to take some shots herself. I also have an old holga camera here that I've been meaning to try out for about two years now and I can't justify buying an old Polaroid until I've at least used the Holga. I'm really excited at the thought of going all oldskool and using a camera with film in it. chez Saurus there's not much to report garden wise. The lawns are getting really dry now and the lavender bushes are starting to flower and it's been lovely to sit outside for our evening family meals watching the bees and butterflies doing their thing.

I am off and away holidaying (Sicily I have high hopes for some good garden photos) and festivalling so I'm not about for the next 2 weeks, luckily the garden love will not die because a couple of bloggers are stepping in to host How Does Your Garden Grow? on their blogs *yay*. So next Thursday, 25th, the linky will be hosted by Emma at Helvetia Handmade and the Thursday after, 1st August it's be hosted by Charley over at PODcast, grappling with a box of frogs. Please show then some love and continue sharing your gardens - I'll miss our Thursdays together x

Faves from last week include; butterfly bushes, the plants with no name, the awesome lantern collection, the garden being loved and the endlessly hard worked one.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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