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I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here is in full swing now with millions of people tuning in every day and voting for the ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ of the Jungle, the lucky winner being festooned with a king prawn crown and matching pork lollipop ear-ring courtesy of Iceland (or something like that). For some people it’s the  joviality of those ‘cheeky monkeys’ Ant and Dec that makes the program enjoyable. For others it’s the morbid fascination of seeing a celebrity on their hands and knees rummaging through the rotting carcasses of dead animals whilst thousands of flies buzz around their face. Each to their own.

This week the show raised controversy and saw people’s jaws drop when they  involved a 7 year old daughter of one of the contestants in a trial.To sum it up in a sentence the trial involved lots of doors, behind the doors were some luxury items such as towels, clean clothes …. and a 7 year old, the daughter of Charlie, one of the celebs taking part. They had to choose one door and suffice to say twas not the door with the girl behind. Cue girl crying that she won’t be seeing mummy and mummy hearing daughter. Emotional angst o’clock.

Line. The line. You know the one in the sand. The one with DO NOT CROSS written next to it in red pen in CAPS LOCK, underlined 5 times. And an arrow pointing to it with pink glowing neon light bulbs which spell DON’T MESS WITH A MOTHER – DAUGHTER REALTIONSHIP MOTHER FUCKERS. That line. Some sweaty fucker from ITV in an ‘Ideas’ Department just pulled down his stained y-fronts and shat all over it.

And so this is the rant that I’m linking up to Mummy Barrow’s Ranty Friday this week – WHY ????????????????? WHEN ????????????????????? WHAT ????????????????????????????

Why do that to a mother and daughter?

Why do so many people like seeing celebrities squirm like dawgs?

When did Ant and Dec turn from cheeky chappies into slighty sexist cheeky chappies?

What the hell is next? Live vasectomys being performed by trainee bush prank monkeys?



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    You kinda have to wonder about where ‘Dad’ was at this moment, or whoever was looking after said child in her mothers absence. But equally what kind of contract did she sign that would allow them to use said child? I agree with you totally, revolting TV – certainly not entertainment!!

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    Oh my word, that’s awful! I’ve never watched this show in my life, Big Brother with live insect consumption is all a bit too far beyond the pale for me, but exploiting a child is just mind-bogglingly stupid. Having said that, someone must’ve given consent for that 7 year old to be used, and they deserve as much flak as ITV for that. Funnily enough, my Ranty Friday post is ITV related too, they’re getting a real pounding today!
    Jayne recently posted..Take Me Out – Misandry Gone Mad?My Profile

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    I’m disgusted. If it was me (bearing in mind I wouldn’t actually do such a silly show in the first place but…) I would have pulled out of the show immediately to go to the aid of my emotionally distressed child (and to scream at whoever agreed to the horrendous idea once she was asleep).
    Emily (@amummytoo) recently posted..Gingerbread cheesecake (recipe)My Profile

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    It is a bit sad to say but antics like these don’t really surprise me anymore. SOMEONE had to agree to these antics that was related to the little girl surely? and that is what kind of makes it sad to me! I don’t watch the programme have not seen anything in the news…off to check.
    Brinabird and Son recently posted..The Friday Song ChoiceMy Profile

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    it’s not often that I’m shocked by a TV program, but that did shock me….I did watch it & Charlie didn’t hear her daughter, she only found out later on that family members were behind the doors & she guessed that it would’ve been her daughter. The daughter looked disappointed more than crying & distressed but I still don’t agree with it…thankfully she got a phone call the following day.
    HELEN recently posted..Home-made Advent StockingsMy Profile

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    *gasps in horror* Oh my gawd, that’s flipping terrible. I don’t watch it thank God, but just reading your post about it makes me feel all anxious and sicky. TV rating really must be on the decline if they’re pulling awful stunts like that… Ugh.
    MummyNeverSleeps recently posted..Bad EggsMy Profile

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    I don’t watch it but that is shocking. Really shocking. What prat thought that was a good idea, Christ are there no limits to what they’ll do to boost ratings. I must admit that I’ve kind of had it with all the reality stuff especially ITV,even X factor just seems so contrived now. Can’t watch them. TV in general is just rubbish rubbish rubbish. Now that’s another rant!
    Sarah Hill recently posted..Question for you?My Profile

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    That was so upsetting, I felt mortified for both of them. As the mum of a 6 year old girl (plus the two boys), I really felt their pain. Then again, I couldn’t leave my kids for three weeks for all the money and TV exposure in the world. I couldn’t even part with my daughter for three days (two days away from 9 year old son was painful recently).
    Sarah recently posted..Sledgehammer to crack a nutMy Profile

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    Oh.My.Word. I never saw that episode and I’m so glad I didn’t. Utter madness…how sad for the poor little mite :( Charlie will get over it, her daughter probably will not. I saw it last night when Charlie got the phone call and that was quite sweet. I only watch it for Ant and Dec tbh, if they weren’t on it I think 90% of the viewers would tune out!
    Suzanne recently posted..Oldies but Goodies Week 5My Profile

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    THIS isn’t quite right.

    “Cue girl crying that she won’t be seeing mummy and mummy hearing daughter. ”

    She never heard her daughter and said that she was glad that she’d not won anything (she got the “game over” sign behind her door) because she’d have been gutted if she’d have known her daughter was behind a door and enjoyed a pizza or clean clothes.

    However, that’s not to say I agree with the use of a child in this way.

    And further, the child wasn’t too traumatised as she was on the phone to her (2 minute call – prize) and the conversation was lovely – they were so excited to speak to each other. I’m totally convinced that the producers aren’t caring for her daughter. There’s another responsible adult involved and it was (a) their choice along with (b) what Charlie will have said was allowed before she went in there.
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    how horrid – glad I didn’t see it – Don’t think I would have coped watching something like that without tears. I do remember a really lovely positive mother / daughter reunion on a reality TV show that has stuck in my memory ever since – It was steph (many many years ago on big brother – the year Cameron was in it and he was the winner). When she was reunited with her mum after goodness knows how many weeks – it was so emotional but in such a lovely way. It was also soon after I had lost my own mum so i was in a right state watching it. I know it didn’t involve children – but our mums are our mums however old we are. x

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