It’s hard to think that just 6 weeks ago the #secretthing was revealed and Tanya, Penny and I set off to Ghana with Comic Relief, Davina and Jonathon. Since then it’s been all go with lots of people supporting, writing blog posts and fundraising. Tonight TeamHonk will be reunited once more, the first time we have seen each other since the trip, at the BBC to be in the Comic Relief audience. No nobody panic, and by ‘nobody’ I actually mean ‘me’ but we’ll be in the production audience which means that when the presenters go to speak to some fundraising people in the audience that there’s a chance that we may get spoken to briefly. What I am trying to say is don’t freak out if you see our cheesy faces beaming away at you through your tv sets tonight… and yes – of course we’ll be wearing the pants over our trousers because in Teamhonk that’s indeed how we roll. Did I mention that for every pair of ‘the pants’ sold before midnight tonight Who Made Your Pants are going to donate £5 to Comic Relief? (check them out here)

We’ve beaten the £8,000 mark in our the extended and combined team fundraising but it’s not over till the fat lady gets all her hair cut off. I am fluctuating between the fear and the sheer joy and pride of how not only the blogging community but friends, family and random people from Twitter have come together to help us support Red Nose Day (and at the same time making this one of the most unforgettable experiences of our lives). Here’s a look back at the past 6 weeks in photos….

Accra, Ghana ( taken from posts: The Virtuous Women’s Bakery in Photos, Treating mental ill health – All eyes to Accra, Thankyous, Jonathon Ross, Davina McCall and Woman’s Hour with Comic Relief in Ghana.
TeamHonk 2013 for Comic ReliefTeamHonk 2013 for Comic Relief
Climbing Snowdon to raise money (taken from post: TeamHonk Snowdon Challenge – Job Done! TeamHonk 2013 for Comic Relief

And so just a huge thank you, a collective *HONK* and much love and respect to everyone who has helped us be it with donations, ideas, crazy fun fundraising, blog posts – there’s been a staggering 257 blog posts linked up to the linky so far, Re-Tweets and social sharing and for reading our posts. It’s been such a busy time for us and so if we have forgotten to thank you personally please don’t be offended – we’ll get there in the end.

Today and tomorrow see the final few fundraisers – Actually Mummy is doing the school run in a erm, how can I put this, dress of foil ( see here for details!) and Saturday morning those minxes Tanya and Lady Briggs will be taking to my hair with 25 pairs of scissors (there’s that fear again). Huge thanks to Fiona from Ikon Hair Design in Fleet for not only letting us come and use the salon but for standing by to ‘tidy what’s left’ up a bit before I catch the train home again and adding a super poster to their window to let people know what we are doing and how to sponsor. Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

The hair won’t be going to waste either, the long bits are being sent to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. Thank you to Laura from Tired Mummy of Two for suggesting this, her daughter has received a wig from the charity and it really does make a huge difference to children at a particularly hard time. I think you know what’s coming now…

[button link="" target="_blank" color="green"]Please, please click here to sponsor me – every pound makes a difference[/button]

And I’ll leave you with the inspiring and funny:

Tracey from A Patchwork Life is feeding her family of 4 on just £12 this week – and donating the money saved. Hats of to you my dear! If this makes you bow before her in awe then you can always show her the money and sponsor her here.

‘The Princess’, age 7 ( from The Princess and The Pickle ) is learning 25 types of dance for a dance spectacular ( you can sponsor her by clicking here)

And it’s never too late to do something funny for money as Kate from WitWitWoo demonstrates in this post of her tooth extraction. Yes you read that right…

Di from SuperLucky is hosting a funny faces photo competition on her blog – to enter, create a funny face with a dinosaur red nose and send her the photo. It will just cost you a £1 donation to enter and you could win a £60 subscription to Compers News magazine! Full details at

And finally the pupils at Luckley School are going ‘red’ this Friday with wacky red hair, nails, clothes and accessories, you can find their sponsorship page here.

And finally some happy faces who have pimped their Twitter and Facebook avatars with red noses in support! (If I have missed anyone do poke me – I’m bound to have left someone out)
TeamHonk 2013 for Comic Relief


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    What a wonderful round up. It’s still quite surreal but am very proud of you all and to feel involved – if only at the bottom of the chain. Yet this is the point – you have managed to engage many of us who wouldn’t necessarily have got so involved or donated like we have. Thank you so much for all your efforts and including us in #teamhonk XX

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