Dear PR / SEO / bod asking about sponsored posts,

A blogger recently lost her page rank, Google took it away and gave their explanation as the sponsored posts within her blog. There’s a whopping amount of debate both on blogs and in private forums again.
This really isn’t the time to spam us en masse in some sort of ‘we’ve caught a whiff that something’s up’, I had 10 offers to write such posts yesterday and I hear some others have been experiencing the same.
And I’ll just leave you with the little nugget of advice that now is really not the time to start saying ‘the budget’s tight this one will be £40′ as if anything, with the rate that bloggers are walking away from accepting sponsored posts and some even removing old ones, you will really be needing to be very fair in your approach and payment. And even then you may well be disappointed with the reaction.
Of course there will always be newer bloggers, happy to jump on the chance to make money from blogging who are not yet savvy to the ways of the Page Rank – but they will, on the whole, not have the higher Page Rank you desire.
Times are on the change again my friends,


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    Who gives a toss about page rank? It doesn’t affect what I write and I think people are much more interested in pageviews than pagerank. If marketeers are keen to target a specific audience, then traffic from twitter referrals and sites like Love All Blogs are always going to be more valuable than cold clicks from google. Don’t think a PR has asked me what my pagerank is this year so far.

    *waits to be proven wrong*

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      Interesting, I am not that bothered about my page rank as like you I think that people who read me will still find me. The people who have asked me about sponsored posts so far have all already been aware of my page rank, I have no idea if they checked first or just read it somewhere on my blog.

      I’ve never put a paid post on the front end of my blog, always on a page at the back end and have made that really clear to the PR bods who have never cared that it is sat at the back where no one will see it as they are not promoting a product, they are manipulating the search engines search result.

      So reviewing a product bods like pageviews, link hounds prefer a good page rank :s

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    I am really mixed on the whole sponsorship thing. While I don’t want to get into trouble by breaking terms with google, I also don’t rely heavily on search engines for blog traffic. Visitors who find me using search engines don’t engage. They don’t follow the blog, or even bother leaving a comment. My blogging joy comes from twitter, and communities like LoveAllBlogs, so as far as I’m concerned, page rank can do what it likes. I too don’t think a PR has ever asked what my PageRank is. What’s the worst that can happen? My page rank might drop from 2 to 1, which is what a lot of other parent blogs rank is already anyway? I enjoy doing all types of posts, including sponsored ones, but I agree, it’s looking like the whole sponsored post as a way of buying links is on the turn, which is a shame because (speaking from my own experience elsewhere) it’s sometimes the only way a service-driven company (rather than one that has products to use as payment for a ‘review’) can help themselves up the rankings. Good food for thought.

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      What may happened is if you do sponsored posts or potentially any post there you have a follw link – as opposed to no- follow is that Google won’t drop you page rank they will remove it all together. And if they remove it all together it makes you much less attractive for PRs to work with (a bit of a vicious circle)

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    I am being swamped by these too. I used to send a polite reply, but after receiving 7 yesterday I have made the decision to just delete them.

    If you do have sponsored posts, I would suggest you use the ‘no follow’ and make sure you add a disclaimer. You can read about ‘no follow’ here.

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    From the point of view of a PR, page ranking isn’t a major concern. When I’m asked by clients to approach bloggers for product reviews, to attend an event or run a competition, for example we are asked to show how many Twitter followers they have and if they have any industry accreditation or award wins eg a member of Britmums, The MADs or a Tots100 listing. We also tell clients if a blog is listed on Gorkana and what stats are provided, eg audited unique monthly users.
    Hope this is of interest.

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      Ah yes Jen I totally agree that that is the case for reviews but I am referring purely to sponsored ‘pay for links’ content. But thanks for the information :D

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    If you value traffic from Google rather than direct referrals then page rank is important.

    As for contact from PRs it depends on what their client wants. Much of my content generated by PRs gets 10 – 20 hits a day through organic google search.

    If I were placing a product I would see which blogs it fits on and then have a quick look at how they do their SEO, check PR and Alexa. If I was only interested in other bloggers reading the post I’d check who commented, where they commented (there is so much reciprocal commenting these days – 20 comments might only mean 20 page views).

    Everyone is different and there are no blog police (although the OFT could possibly have something to say about non disclosure of payment, press trips and samples). That is the beauty of blogging. We can all run our sites as we please.

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    I’m not concerned about page rank, but I don’t want to lose my organic search engine position for all the good links I have, so if there is any danger of me being delisted from Google for a few quid on sponsored posts, regretfully I am out. :(

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    I’m a newbie so all this doesn’t make much sense to me. Am I right in thinking sponsored posts are the ones you’re paid for? I don’t even know what my page rank is and how to find out? I’ve done one sponsored post so far which I was offered through ebuzzing which was to hold a competition. I’ve had a couple about showing videos and getting paid per click but I turned them down as I don’t want my blog covered in adverts. Is page rank important? whilst I like the idea of receiving payment to post (who wouldn’t like a bit of extra cash!) I’m still learning and finding my feet in the blogging world so all this is new to me. So any advice or clarification would be very helpful

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    Aw poop!

    My computer wasn’t working earlier and I tried to upload my instagram image to the Saturday caption.

    Now my neighbour has fixed my computer and the linky tool won’t allow the upload of the image as it says I have already been a part of this?

    Sorry I have messed up somehow. I will try again later this evening.

    Such a fun idea!


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    Ok. I am getting really confused. I thought that if you did a disclosure statement and used nofollow links you were fine to do a sponsored post. I don’t plan to do many of them, but when one comes along that fits with my blog, I feel a little loathe to turn it away. I know you are on BlogItForBabies mode at the moment, but I would really appreciate some Mammasaurus expert guidance on this once you have some more time! Thank you!

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        Righty ho I am not home at the moment but when I am I will send you an article on changing links to no follow and why.

        The problem is Luci that the vast majority of sponsored posts only want follow links. They are usually big brands who have farmed out the work to smaller SEO bods and don’t really know what goes on themselves – just that they get the results.

        Brand campaigns to manipulate the google search engine are uaully attached to sponosred posts, often will many bloggers unwittingly accepting this ‘great content written for your blog’. Problem is the link itself. they want it to be a follow link or it has no value to them.
        Google are very hot now on looking for companies who have suddenly got lots of new links, so say you took on a post and the link was for but you didnt know that 100 other bloggers were also being paid to add that link…Google see and influx of BigBurgerHut links and start to investigate…potentially every one of those bloggers (even though they dont know the bigger picture of what they are involved in) could totally lose their Google search listings.


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