Come and join #TeamHonk in the Mount Snowdon Challenge (Fundraiser #1!)

Climb Mount Snowdon and join TeamHonk! Saturday 2nd March


This weeks sees TeamHonk spring into fundraising action with a host of fun-fundraising activities. We kick off today with something for the hardcore mo fo’s out there… yes siree come Saturday 2nd March we’ll be climbing Mount Snowdon and suffice to say that we need you! Yes you, you there looking shifty, not maintaining eye contact – I know you are reading *stares hypnotically* You don’t have to be super fit – crikey look at the state of me!


I’m going to cut to the chase, bring out the big guns and ask straight out. Penny and I will have a thermos of gin and pants over our leggins (just don’t tell her that bit yet) … who’s up for joining us? Yep I know it’s miles from anywhere, I know it requires much effort but *flicks hair seductively* we’re worth it. More to the point raising money for Red Nose Day and Comic Relief to carry on doing the epic good work that we’ve been sharing is worth it. If you are interested in coming along drop us a line at and we’ll email you the details / places to stay locally / times / love and eternal gratitude…


If a day of extreme fun, laughter and gangnam styling* your way up Snowdown just isn’t your bag fear not – there are more fundraising ways coming from us this week which you can support, and of course needless to say if you’d care to sponsor TeamHonk do Snowdon  (which is not meant to sound like Debbie does Dallas in any way, shape or form you flith mongers) then you are more than welcome to and can do so here on> The #TeamHonk Snowdon Challenge Red Nose Day Giving Page!


Tanya has her own crazy-ass fundraising planned and is being represented for this challenge by husband Brucie (Barrow – not Forsythe) and teenage son Johnnie – the team is growing already – please join is!

People climbing so far are: Me, Penny from The Alexander Residence, Danielle from It started with a Squish, Nikki from Stressy Mummy and Emily from A Mummy Too, Mummy Barrows husband and son

Now who’s got some vaseline I can borrow… #chaffing

Important shizzle: You will need good supportive shoes, preferably walking shoes, a waterproof jacket and warm clothing, including a hat and gloves and a rucksack with food and drink.


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  1. says

    Aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh! I can’t make it! I have a wedding gig already booked for that weekend! I will sponsor though!

    Ticked off I can’t be with you – I can send cake to keep you going if it helps!
    Mary recently posted..Gluten Free Baking!My Profile

  2. says

    Who ever takes part you are in for a real treat, the views are beautiful especially on a clear day. Please also take care whilst up there it may seem like a walk in the park but honestly things can change in a second, you don’t want to have to (that doesn’t sound right) be saved by mountain rescue (or maybe you do I hear Prince William covers that area).
    You guys are amazing.
    Joanne Dodd recently posted..Parenthood preconceptionsMy Profile

  3. says

    What an amazing personal challenge and fundraiser. Would love to do it, but can’t unless I make walking to Snowdon part of the fundraising effort, which means *looks at watch* I would have to start making a move round about…NOW! Will def be cheering/tweeting you on though, and will support Comic Relief nonetheless.
    Bare Beginnings recently posted..Getting Fit for a causeMy Profile

  4. says

    I can’t believe it, I have my hen night that night there’s no way I’d be back in time to celebrate with the lovely ladies who’ve gone to the trouble of organising for me. I’m gutted! Change the date by any chance?????
    No thought not. I’m hoping there will be something else happening that I can join in #fingerscrossed
    Mari recently posted..To film a wedding or not?My Profile

  5. says

    I’ll do it with you, I live on the welsh boarder anyway :) I will email you in due course ( am I allowed to bring a friend actually? My partners in the army and I may need his medical skills about an hour in! haha) More than happy to help where I can too, accommodation, arranging snacks etc Xx
    Emma recently posted..Unstoppable TuesdayMy Profile


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