My journal is constantly evolving. The phrase 'blogging journey' does indeed sound rather over-the-top, but for me this journal really does represent a journey. Since starting writing in this online space back in 2011 my life has gone through a series of changes. My pre-school children have grown, my interests have changed (and still do, often), I've travelled the world, fallen in love with photography and started work remotely for a Canadian company.

Currently my journal is formed of 4 main sections, which you can find out more about & click through to read below.


Adventure + travel

From places to visit in the UK to destinations beyond, Adventure + Travel covers both family and child-free travel and escapades. The next destinations I'll be visiting are Australia, Hong Kong, Scotland & Singapore.


Forest + Shore

We live in the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire, England within walking distant of the forest and a beach. This section of my journal is a collection of field notes on the area that I live in and love throughout the changing seasons.



From gardens to lose yourself in, whiling away the hours as butterflies flutter around and about to interesting properties rich in history where one can discover and learn about the past. These are pastimes that I relish and enjoy sharing.



From recipes to family home-life and beyond. I've recently starting a clutter-free lifestyle, choosing to own less but items of better quality. For me, the house that I live in grounds me, and creating connections to possessions, surrounding myself with things that I truly love enriches life.