Ah the Golden Hour, that magical hour in the Summer when the sun sets and the long grasses sway lazily in the breeze. How I love thee. But sometimes the Golden Hour is, well not golden. It’s overcast and grey with a menacing threat of rainfall.
From the car park we walked the short distance to the beach and headed left along the beach itself. With a friendly family fossil finding competition we soon found ourselves concentrating, eyes down, scouring the rocks.
On the banks of the Beaulieu River, in the heart of the New Forest National Park, you will find the peaceful haven of Buckler’s Hard.
Vintatge DIT wrapping paper
I love old things. Call them antique, go down the slightly-cooler route and call then vintage, get all hipster and use the word retro, whatevs people, if it’s old and a bit funky then it’s good in my book (especially if it’s wine or cheese). When I saw these plates I knew that they would make fab unusual wrapping paper!
I thought with this being the last HDYGG in August that it might be nice to catch up with a few of the gardens I’ve visited this month. I seem to have excess photos lying in folders on my computer from the Summer holidays and when you put them together they give a nice snapshot into where I have mooching and what I’ve been loving. Next week it will be September! Eee!
At the weekend I took my family and I traveled to River Cottage HQ to attend the annual River Cottage Summer Fair. We were kindly invited along by the River Cottage folk and having only seen River Cottage on television before we were excited and intrigued to find out what it’s really like.
We checked the BBC Weather app this morning, it appeared there was a 2 hour window of dry weather before the rain set in for the day. We headed out in the car, to find somewhere to walk. As we drove from Applemore towards Beaulieu Top the heather was striking, a sea of pinks and purples. We had to stop. We spied the large free Forestry Commission car park at Yew Tree Heath and pulled in before setting off to explore the heath and Bronze Age Barrow.

Keeping the home a place of sanctuary for all, calm & harmonious and not letting it build up to melting pot of bored and stressed emotions

Sunny days, cooler evenings, rainy afternoons. Wearing sandals, trainers, wellington boots. Walking, running, climbing. Quietly reflecting, planning ahead, letting your mind just not think for a bit, processing the week. Holding hands and keeping close, watching your children run ahead free and keen to explore without you.