3. How does you garden grow?

 Flowering chives
Dandelion clock
Black and White Foxglove
Apple tree blossom

 Random Pink Flowers
Dandelion clocks
Welcome welcome! It’s that time of the week again! Time to get out your camera and show what’s occurring in your garden. There was an impressive 24 entries last week – the last few of which I have only just spotted and they look fabulous if you have time it’s worth popping back to check them out. It really has been so relaxing sitting and looking through all the photos *happy sigh*

This week I’m biting the bullet and showing some snaps from my own garden… the two dandelion shots are representative of the ratio of weeds to plants. Good news on the herb fronts as my little herb garden corner is springing back to like, the chives are flowering, the rosemary and sage flowering and the mint commencing it’s yearly sprawl. I’ve already been using the chives in a few suppers this week, so satisfying to open your own door, walk out and snip off herbs to cook with – it really grates with me during the winter months to buy packs of sweaty cellophaned  herbs from the supermarket.

Foxgloves are appearing too which I love, they take me back to childhood and reading Beatrix Potter books. I have high hopes of apples again this year from our little apple tree. It was only planted a couple of years ago and last year the weight of apples bowed it’s tiny branches so this year I hope for great things. Talking of great things look look!

First tomato plant flower of the year

My first tomato flower of the year! It’s a miracle in itself as twice now have I noticed it’s been uprooted, once by Ozzy and once by Kitty who ‘only wanted to look at the bottom of it mummy’.  Grow little tommies grow!

How has your garden changed this week? If you haven’t time to join in and show us I’d still love to hear x


Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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      I must admit in a bid to try and curtail the amount of dandelions I have snipped off most of the ‘clocks’ now – I take the children over the field instead to blow them! Thanks for linking up again my dear, off to have a look at yours now x
      Mammasaurus recently posted..3. How does you garden grow?My Profile

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    I have a Dandelion infestation this year. Beautiful pictures as usual Annie. I love the chives, mine are just about to start flowering in a few days I reckon. Seeing those first tomato flowers is a real wee buzz, I don’t have any this year, which is probably a good job, because we seem to have a rogue bunny that has already eaten all my blinkin lettuce. I was hoping to start using it this week, but bunny foo foo has beaten me to it!
    Nichola Fabfortymum recently posted..How Does Your Garden Grow?My Profile

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    nice bush annie…fnar fnar! Sorry!! i’m hoping that over the next few weeks i can show you what is {Fingers crossed!} growing in our garden, i am determined to become (some sort of!) a gardener this year!! hopefully everything that i have planted will still be alive to take pics of!…
    Mascara and Mud recently posted..pinkMy Profile

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    I love this linky and am not surprised at the followers! I WISH to have my own and have been a bit cheeky and plan to share my version of “our garden”. I want to grow some herbs with my wee man and thinking that next year that is going to be my little project even if it has to be indoors!
    Brinabird and Son recently posted..The Gallery: DrinkMy Profile

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      I have to thank the children who have been the ones looking after it (apart from twice uprooting it that is!). They’ve been obsessed with our recent waterbutt addition so they have been filling up their little watering cans and keeping it well moistened!
      Mammasaurus recently posted..3. How does you garden grow?My Profile

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    amazing pictures as usual! And you’ve even managed to make those pesky dandelions look so beautiful! I adore your final picture of the tomato plant – the silvery leaves. *clears throat while looking at own scraggy tomato seedlings* Thanks for hosting this link, had a lovely time mooching through the other posts. a fab fab idea xx
    Dragonsflypoppy – White feathers recently posted..How does your garden grow?My Profile

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      I bought that plant from a garden center a few weeks back – I don’t have the skillz to grown anything from seed – truth be told I can barely keep anything alive that’s fully grown! I’m loving looking through all the photos too – though I suspect come November there won’t be much to see ;)
      Mammasaurus recently posted..3. How does you garden grow?My Profile

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    Your photos are stunning. I’d love to join in, I love taking flower photos but my garden is sadly lacking. I am seriously challenged in the area of gardening – I’m like some kind of plant repeller, every living plant that comes near me seems to just wilt and die instantly (this worried me slightly when I had kids but thankfully I found it easier to care for them than I do plants!). I guess I’ll have to just ogle at other peoples! L x
    Blog of a Mom recently posted..First SmilesMy Profile

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    There are some fabulous photos there my lovely, really like those. Slight change from me this week as I’ve written a post on designing the perfect family garden – shout if it doesn’t fit. You do get to see a photo of that beautiful willow tree that is no more *weeps*
    Charly Dove recently posted..Designing the perfect family gardenMy Profile

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    I like weeds. I keep some so the garden is bit rough around the edges. I have a big patch of nettles but the caterpillars like them so they stay tucked away so my son doesn’t fall in them. Thank you for your nice comments on my blog.

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    Lovely pictures as always – I hope that tomato plant does grow and doesn’t succumb to the wretched blight (as ours always seem to!) Thank you so much for relinking mine from last week – very kind of you. I will be joining in again soon but I will be awol for a week or so – v busy – But I will be back! I the meantime I am linking up that Rhubarb Forest.
    Rollercoaster Mum recently posted..A Year in Pictures – Week 21My Profile


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