The winged descendants of doom

I’m having one of those days. You know the ones where you just want to gather moss and fluff and build yourself a little nest to hide in, one of them. I’ll be back tomorrow but for today I am offline.

Saturday is Caption Day – Charrrrrrge!

Vikings Ho!

Slightly earlier this week due to many of us galavanting off to BlogCamp! Viva la Caption! <a href=”http://mammasaurus.co.uk” target=”blank”> <img title=”Satcap” src=”http://mammasaurus.files .wordpress.com/2011/12/sat.jpg” alt=”” width=”226″ height=”229″ />

The number game

In 10 days time… I will be leaving 1  big and 2 small people behind… For 6 days . I will visit at least 11 cities and towns… Travelling 1362 miles. Would you please Just Text Give 1 pound towards the #BlogitforBabies campaign to go towards buying some of these items? Blog it for good – Blog it for Babies  


micro pigs

Dem is Micro Pigz. They snuffle round in yo garden diggin’ up yo plantz. Then there’s micro waves , they do ‘stuff’, don’t ask me what, Wikipedia it or summat. Micro scooters, the things da kidz like to scoot bout on, rippin’ up the concrete jungle  like pre-teenage urban ninjas on wheels. Micro organisms, super […]