What’s the most unglamorous thing you did this weekend?

This morning I am heading to our local playgroup with Bean and Ozzy and no doubt I’ll be nattering away with other mums about what we’ve all been up to over the weekend. You and I however can dispense in the small talk. Lets cut to the chase and dish the dirt. Tell me – […]

The Sunday Meme – Mammywoos Music as Therapy

This week I’ve been tagged by the multiple-sh mummy-tastic Multiple Mummy to have a bash at Mammywoo‘s Music as Therapy meme, and in a nutshell I need to give 3 beautiful songs,3 different bands and 3 sets of lyrics that touch me. Now I’m a bit of a muso it has to be said and […]

Battle of the Thermostat

Historically the World has has many wars and battles. The World Wars, the Battle of the Somme and Battle Royale to name but a random few. But now it’s getting colder it’s time for the fiercest battle of the year – Battle of the Thermostat! The rules of Battle of the Thermostat are simple –