1960s Knitting Patterns – images

1960's StitchCraft Magazine

Vintage knitting pattern images

Vintage knitting pattern images
Vintage knitting pattern images
Vintage knitting pattern images
1960s Knitting Patterns
1960s Knitting Patterns
Vintage knitting pattern images
Vintage knitting pattern images
Vintage knitting pattern images

These make me smile a lot. I’ve been trawling through dozens of images of old knitting patterns and magazines that I need to get my bottom into gear and add to my shop. Oddly enough it makes me want to Abba flick my fringe and don knitwear in shades of pea green, maybe dressing Ozzy in a pair of woollen dungarees for good measure. And what is it with knitwear anyway? I always get sucked in to how comfy and snuggly it looks but the reality of wool is 2 days of itching like a bugger wearing it followed by despair as it shrinks in the washing machine and returns from the tumble drier in a size that wouldn’t even fit a newborn. Wool – the middle ages temptress…

A post purely to indulge in some sixties nostalgia, I apologise for the lack of any actual purpose, no hints, no tips, no ideas – just pure unadulterated woollen sixties shizzle!

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  1. says

    I LOVE these. They remind me of my nan forever knitting from a pile of vintage magazines she’d had since the war or something. Crazy :))) I am thinking I need some crochet gloves now though… x

  2. laura jones says

    i collect vintage patterns and love the models as much as anything! some of the poses are strange and a sign of the times most of the men are smoking cigs or a pipe but i think the strangest is two children and they are pulling each others hair! not sure what that had to do with their jumper pattern!

  3. says

    Love these pictures – I think if you squint, you could imagine one or two of these knitwears could work nowadays (the lady with the cardi and the apple held aloft perhaps?) Although maybe I’m only saying it because I’m feeling particularly chilly and could do with a cuddly jumper myself.

  4. says

    Where did you find these?? Reminds me of my grandmother’s house when I was little. She was an enthusiastic knitter and had patterns stacked up on shelves. I used to love going through them all and picking out the ones I liked. Sadly, her talent did not match her enthusiasm and I ended up with a lot of scarves…

  5. says

    My Nan would go absolutely wild for these. I swear she’s still got knitting magazines from the 50s and 60 in her cupboards – because you never know, right? ;) It drives my grandad insane :D

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