19. How Does Your Garden grow?

how does your garden growI love my neighbour, Alex. She's used to my odd ways and luckily doesn't bat an eyelid when I text her early in the morning to ask if it's ok to creep into her garden and photograph some plants. So today, from next-door, some photos of what's growing in Alex's garden, hopefully capturing what the garden and indeed the weather has been doing... Hydrangea dew covered sweetpea SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC dew covered tomato green tomatoes black and white tomatoes pretties pretties planter lettuce growing black and white photo of flowers pink hydrangea black and white hydrangea This post is coming to you from a cold-riddled Saurus, I'm feeling a bit under the weather at the moment so apologies in advance if my pizazz factor this morning is a bit dampened. Walking round my neighbours garden, looking at the raindrops on the tomatoes and petals put a big smile on my face. Autumn may be on the way, the clouds may be grey but there's still a lot of beauty outside waiting for us. Soon enough it'll be crunchy leaves galore, but in the meantime I'm clinging to any colour I can find like a limpet!

Apologies for the mass of photos, I got a bit carried away, I've been falling back in love with a bit of black and white of late so had to sneak a couple of those ones in there too for good measure.

Favourites from last week include: Last sunbeams at the allotments, bamboo shadows, drying onions and mushrooms.

Finally apologies for the tardiness of publishing this post this week and have a super week ahead!

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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