10. How does your garden grow?

Walled Garden at Osborne HouseOsborne HouseWalled Garden at Osborne HouseWalled Garden at Osborne House

Walled garden at Osborne HouseWalled garden at Osborne HouseWalled garden at Osborne HouseWalled garden at Osborne House

Walled garden at Osborne House
Walled garden at Osborne House
Walled garden at Osborne HouseWalled garden at Osborne HouseWalled garden at Osborne House

Walled garden at Osborne House

Osborne House
Osborne House
How does your garden grow?

Oh my, a post of epic photographical proportions! This week Ozzy and I headed to the Isle of Wight to visit Osborne House in the glorious sunshine and I actually let out a loud ‘hell yeah!’ when I spied the walled garden and a groan of Wimbledon womens finals proportions when I found the greenhouses. I won’t lie to you, I did briefly look round for a large wrought iron mounted hook that I could hang Ozzy up on by the back of his shorts for a couple of hours so I could root about and take loads of photos…

Luckily Ozzy also loved the garden and went off exploring – he really loved the giant succulents in the greenhouses –   ‘ Look! Monster plants mummy!’ Funnily enough that final photo was what greeted us at the entrance, I’m not sure if you can make out what it says – How does your garden grow? What are the chances?! So many plants that I wouldn’t know where to begin to so the photos will have to suffice, I did love how all plants were lovingly labelled *sigh*

I fell completely in love with the walled garden and it’s going to take a very special garden for me to top this weeks How does your garden grow? me thinks. I could apologise for the photo heavy post but I’m not going to *pokes tongue out* I HAVE NO SHAME!

I’m really looking forward to looking at more gardens this week so bring them on!

Faves from last week include; the perfect flower protector, beautiful butterflies from West Virginia, Anniversary blooms, the willing of the carrot and the rose garden.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?
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  1. says

    Oh! I love Osbourne House but I’ve only ever been there when in charge of school groups, which makes it v hard to appreciate everything. Do they still have those lovely miniature gardening tools that the Royal Children played with? What beautiful pics, you’ve made me want to hop on a ferry!
    Daisy Broomfield recently posted..That’s all folks!My Profile

  2. says

    I love the walled garden! it reminds me of that movie “The Secret garden” which is my favorite. To sit in there with a good book , listening to the birds and being completely alone…bliss! I really should visit the botanic gardens here now that i have seen all of your lovely pictures..

  3. says

    Gorgeous!! I wish I had the time a patience to create a garden so stunningly beautiful and full of life and colour and how I long for a cold frame (simple things eh?).
    Kirsty recently posted..WildflowersMy Profile

  4. says

    BOOM!!! Look at your fancy garden this week – you must have been like a child in a sweetie shop! Fabulous post and I love all the photos!! Gorgeous. Could lick the screen :)
    Charly Dove recently posted..SunMy Profile


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